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Bullet Journal.

My Bullet Journal. 

Bullet Journaling has been a good constant for me. I wake up and I make sure to fill in my habits, list what I’m grateful for and make sure I have my to-do list jotted down. I make sure I write down how I feel during meditation and how mindfully I’m living, No matter what you do for a living or how you spend your time, a Bullet Journal can be great fun and very beneficial. I know someone who writes poetry in theirs and on the next page writes down business strategies. Your Journal is there to serve you and you can make it your own. You don’t have to be a perfectionist about it and type it all out on the computer, you can get back to basics with a pen in your hand and put it to paper.

You are one of a kind, make sure your journal is true to you. 🙂
My journal is full of flowers because I’m obsessed with gardening and everything to do with nature.

Like I said in a previous post, I’ve started practicing my cursive and I think its going pretty well! In the above picture I messed up the ‘B’ but I made it work. That’s the joy of  journaling like this, you don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes, its part of your growth and before you know it your journal is going to be full of beautiful art, lettering and goals. 
I have found that the journal is a great way to keep track of my mental health, I track my emotions everyday and take note of how it differs day to day. I track how many minutes of exercise and yoga I get done and then I note how long I sit in meditation after that. 
I love going back to my Index and watch how it grows, I’m filling those pages with my life and that’s very special. It’s an accomplishment to keep going back to your journal and filling those pages, keeping track of how you feel is the best way to experience your day. Be proud of it, and then in turn you will be proud of your life. 
I find myself aching for order and less clutter, I need to clear the fog in my brain so that I can see clearly where I want to end up. Now that I have started this wonderful hobby, the road seems a little clearer and that’s amazing. If anyone ever feels stuck, or has a creative block, my advise is always to start a Bullet Journal and I will continue to tell people how wonderful it is. 
This was more of lighthearted post, but this journal is a part of my life and I thought I would share some of it in this blog. 
I hope everyone can find their inspiration and get to creating the world they dream of because it is possible and our dreams can come true, we just have to believe. 
Cat Lee.