Creativity and Positivity.

Be Creative.

I find it is very important to be creative. Creativity stimulates our brains, helps us think clearer and could be something that will get us out of a rut. When feeling bogged down by life, it could be beneficial to write about a place that brings you happiness or you could draw a picture of your favorite flower. When you write, you must make sure to write on paper, make it colorful and involve all your senses. Drawing must be a personal thing, it doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’re a good enough artist, all that matters is that you enjoy your art and that it makes you and your life special. You must be proud of your creations, whether you’re a beginner or you’re a skilled artist. Perhaps you could take up a new hobby that you can spend small amounts of time on everyday. You could knit, sew, paint, write poetry or take photographs. Not only will you be learning a new craft but you will be dedicating that part of your day to self improvement and creativity, you will be happy and proud of yourself. In that time you must acknowledge how special and important that time is to you and don’t let anyone take it from you. Enjoy your craft for what it is, concentrate on it while you are doing it. Immerse yourself in it, this way you are being fully present while enjoying your much deserved me time. 
For example, I recently started Bullet Journaling, a Bullet Journal is a wonderful way of keeping track of your life while focusing on creativity and self growth. I use many different habit trackers in my journal, I track my water intake, my mindfulness and my mental health. I draw in my journal and I write down the things I’m most grateful for. One of my favorite things to do in my journal is practice my Cursive, it is very gratifying to work on the perfect swoop to start your letter C.  

Be Positive

                                It can change the world.

By being creative, you are focusing your mind on something positive, something that hasn’t been touched by the pessimistic lifestyle we are forced to acknowledge. When you can train your mind to being fully invested in the positivity of the creative process then you can start weeding all the negative seeds in your brain. We don’t need to live in fear, we don’t need to watch the news or read horrible stories, all we truly need is to be at peace within ourselves. Slowly you can learn to eliminate the negative intake and only have good positive vibes surrounding you. This way we can be done with illness, fear, corruption and war. The more people who make a conscious decision to live healthier and fulfilled lives, the more chances we as humanity have to prosper in a peaceful unity. 
It may be hard at first to live mindfully but anything worth doing will be challenging, that only makes the end result even more gratifying. 
I wish everyone a wonderful Sunday and I hope we can all take hold of each others hands to move forward towards a future filled with peace and love. 
Cat Lee.