I’m New To This.


My name is Cat, I decided on a whim to start blogging. 
I am a writer but I never got the hang of blogging, I’m more into writing novels, which some day I hope to publish. 
I made the name of my blog Spirit Meets Food because I am on a journey of finding myself through a holistic life. I am Buddhist, I recently started doing yoga and I’m studying Reiki. I love to cook and maybe I will post recipes and pictures of my food on this blog. 
I am a Bullet Journal nut and might share some of my ideas and layouts here too. 
All in all I will try to keep things neat and entertaining and I hope if anyone reads the blogs I post, that they enjoy my writing, silly ideas and the deep thoughts of my imagination. 
I hope to inspire and spread peace and love through my writing. 
Cat Lee

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