My thoughts on Disappointment.

Disappointment Can Change Into Better Things.

This morning I comforted someone who received unpleasant news and it got me thinking of how people in general, including me don’t handle disappointment very well. We hear bad news or we are told we can’t do something we have always wanted to do, we immediately go into loss. We go into loss even if it something we never truly had or owned. 
We need to realize that if we don’t have something, no matter how much we wanted it, that specific thing is not meant to be in our lives. The universe delivers what we need and what will make our lives better. You may think that the thing you have been wanting and dreaming of is going to change your life for the better but perhaps in the long run it will bring you stress and discomfort. 
Say your business is failing, whether it is your fault or not, you need to sit up and think about your life and how that business you slaved over has affected you. Acknowledge the good things and the bad. then think of how your business is making you feel right now. If it makes you feel good and happy then it is the right thing to focus on, but if it only makes you feel sad and stressed or angry, then you need to know that it’s okay to let it go. You don’t need to feel guilty about letting something go if it was a toxic part of your life.
Once you make peace with it then you can open your mind to more positive opportunities you would like to welcome into your life. The Universe is there to help you manifest your dream life. You need to get into contact with the Universe so that you can can make it clear what exactly it is you want. One thing to remember is that your belief in the idea and the Universe is one of the most powerful tools you have. 
Not long ago I decided the road I was walking was no longer serving me. I got ill, I was in a constant state of fear. Fear ruins lives and I needed to get out of that space. I changed my mind about everything I had created in my life. I left the business I was with, I changed my direction completely. I went overseas to visit family and there I discovered the kind of person I was aching to become.
I found Buddhism and started meditating everyday. It changed my perspective of everything. I told the Universe what kind of life I wish to live and as soon as I got back home, things started happening for me. I was shown a few different paths I could take to help me get to my goal. I chose the one that flowed the easiest and here I am. I’m a Reiki student, I have an amazing Reiki Master teaching me and I enjoy the experience. I have changed my career goals, I have made new friends and my health has improved amazingly. 
My point is, don’t wallow too long in the disappointments of life because life is amazing and all you really need to do is change your mind, the rest will follow. We all need the mud to grow as beautiful as the peaceful lotus. The mud in life serves a purpose, it’s the lessons we learn and the hardships that get us to open doors to wonderful places. You just need to get clear on what you would like to find behind that door. 
I hope whoever reads this can at least relate in some small way, so that life can start changing for the better.
Cat Lee.   

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