Crystal healing.

Crystals and Healing.

Hello! Sorry it’s been a while since my last blog post…. just been pretty busy. 
I’m back and I’ve got something new to talk about. 🙂
I have always been surrounded by crystals, my mom has always collected them and over the years I have come to really respect and love crystals.
Now I have my own space and need to fill it with the healing energies of crystals. 
A week ago I went crystal shopping and I thought it would be fun to write about it and talk about a few of the crystals I picked up. 
The first crystal I will talk about is Kyanite. This is a very special crystal. 

Kyanite is a wonderful crystal for restoring energy balance, it quickly creates great stillness and a feeling of tranquility. Kyanite is ideal for meditation and works well with the throat chakra.  

 This crystal is Citrine and is the stone of manifestation, it attracts money and happiness into your life. This crystal smooths away feelings of irritation and friction, creating more optimism and relaxation. It works with the Solar Plexus.  

 These little beauties are sunstones, they are from the same family as the moonstone. Sunstone is used in energy work to dispel fears and phobias. It helps bring out the leader in you and will decrease stress and lift depression. It works with the sacral chakra.

 Then I picked up a chakra necklace, this necklace is meant to balance all your chakras and bring more fulfillment to your daily life. It has many small crystals in it to work with each chakra.

I absolutely love this crystal. It is Starstone. It promotes optimism and personal growth, it brings out ambition and it teaches us to believe in our dreams and reach for the stars. It helps release stress and anxiety. The Starstone works with the throat chakra. 
All in all I love all my crystals and enjoy working with them everyday. the best thing to remember about your crystals is that you must really sit down and get to know them. these precious stones are aiding you in so many ways. Once a day you should hold your crystals one by one and connect with them. Feel the difference between all of them and feel the difference in your thoughts and energy when you hold onto them individually.
Meditate with your crystals and be open for enlightened messages, let the crystals balance you and help your chakras work at optimal level. 
You are special and your crystals know that, they will tell you how special you are by helping you with your physical and mental health. 
Let them love you and love them in return.
I really enjoy working with crystals and I enjoyed writing about it. I’ll try to make my blog posts more regular and I hope everyone is having a beautiful week. 
Peace and Love
Cat Lee.

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  1. Hi Cat. That's great to know. I will never look at crystals the same again. Can you recommend a good place to get some crystals?
    I look forward to reading your next post!

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