Dealing with fear.

Don’t let it rule you. 

I have been challenged by fear these past few days, not only personally but for others round me too. Stories of other peoples fears have emerged and it really bothered me. By hearing of others stress and anxiety it made me sit up and take control of my own fears. I have OCD and Chronic Fatigue, having these two bothersome parts of me really does encourage the ego to take a hold of me and fuel the irrational thoughts in my mind. 
I was recently triggered and have had to deal with my fears taking over my mind. Last night after spending time with some family and listening to their worries, and brainstorming ways of dealing with them and possible causes did I come to the realization that this fear isn’t mine. It is past life nonsense that was triggered in this life time. I went even further and realized that it wasn’t only past life but ancestral past life. You see as humans we carry the genes of our ancestors, we are connected to our ancestors even if they have left this realm we still hold their genes and in these genes are all of their traumas. So if you have a problem with heights, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its your problem. When you come to this realization it makes it a lot easier to make peace with whatever is bothering you and move on.  
The tricky part is differentiating what belongs to your current karma, what is past life and what is generational. We can delve further into this topic in a later post. I just want to give you a different perspective. 
So, the fear I had been struggling with turned out to not only be ancestral but it was also connected to a past life of one of my ancestors from this life. It sounds complicated I know, but all you have to know is that once you can see your problems in this way the rest is a breeze. Once I had come to this realization, I could separate myself from my fears and forgive wholeheartedly the wrong that was committed so very long ago. Every time the thought would surface I would forgive and let go, I am very happy to say that I feel much better and lighter. I am so happy to know that I have dealt with harmful karma in a peaceful way. 

Never be afraid to let go of what is not serving you. We are here on earth to live full, peaceful and happy lives. We are here to bring peace to ourselves, to our fellow humans and our dear Mother Earth. If we just give in to our fears, our anger and our ego, we will struggle to do what we came here to do. By allowing our own suffering, how will we ever be able to help ease the suffering of others?

Remember how powerful our thoughts are, what we are thinking we are bringing into this world. Think of what kind of impact that will have on our great Mother… Think of the impact it will have on your fellow human and what impact it will have on your self. You have the power to change that thought, you can be different and peaceful. You don’t have to conform, you can love and forgive and be who you were meant to be. By taking control of your thoughts and taking care of your Karma, you won’t leave any baggage for the future generation in your family. They won’t have those worry genes, they won’t have to forgive your past mistakes and they can live in peace too. The next time you get angry or you let your thoughts control you, just stop and think of your future grandchildren or great grandchildren, they are our future. Do you want the toxicity you are feeling within yourself to be passed down to them? Do you want them to have to deal with your issues or do you want to take care of your Karma, your issues and your suffering now? Then they never have to worry about it. 
It’s time to let go and just live for ourselves in the now! By being mindful and living in complete peace we can create a much better future. Let go of that control and go with the flow of the Universe. Dance under the light of the moon, meditate with the Mother, love the temple that is your body and be grateful for all you have in this glorious world. 
Know that your Soul loves you and you must love it back. 
Next time you meditate, think about your ancestors. Thank them for everything they passed on to you and realize that if it wasn’t for their lessons that you carry inside of yourself, you wouldn’t be able to work on yourself so that you can give your future generations less to worry about. 
Be kind to yourself and others. 
I’m sending love and light to everyone that needs it and I’ll chat to you all soon with the next post. 
Peace and Love
Cat Lee.