Everyday Mindfulness

Be Mindful with the Earth.

Mindfulness will always be the first step to a more fulfilling life. So lets start being mindful towards our great Mother. 🌍
She is the reason we are all alive and she continues to live and thrive for us. We are treating her cruelly and if we don’t change our ways, death will be the price she will pay for loving us so wholeheartedly. Mother Earth is crying out, to protect herself she will have to destroy us all. I would rather her destroy us than us destroy her. 
So let us all make an extra effort to pour our love back into her. Let us walk with her, talk to her and tell her how much we appreciate her, just as you would with your beloved mom on mothers day or her birthday.
Mother Earth appreciates our kindness and we can heal ourselves with her special vibrations. Just by walking on the earth barefoot you are taking in her life force energy, then with thanks give her your life force energy. It’s all about give and take. She heals you and you in turn heal her. 
If you see a plant struggling to live, perhaps the sun is too hot or there hasn’t been rain in a long time, go to that plant and offer it your loving energy. You will help that plant more than you can ever know, and it will thank you by always remembering your goodness. Every act of kindness you show towards the earth makes a life changing difference. 

I love these words by Tich Nhat Hanh, “Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”
When in walking meditation, make it your intention to love the earth. Kiss the earth with your feet, breathing in you have arrived, breathing out you kiss the earth. Each step you take will feel lighter and coming out of that meditation you will know that you have made a real difference in your life and in the earths.

One should sit with the flowers, bum on earth, feet in the sand and meditate. Ask the flowers if they would like to join you in meditation, you should feel them answer. Sit with them in a Loving Kindness meditation and together with the flowers you can send love and kindness to the whole world. I find this to be a very powerful practice and its one of my favorites. You are not only connecting with the earth but the people living here with you. We are all connected, we are all one, we need to start loving more and then peace should follow. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts for today. 
Until next time, 
Peace and Love
Cat Lee.