Let’s Be Happy!

Start your day with a smile on your face!

It is so important to start out on the right foot, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. That’s why we should all make it a priority to be happy and grateful in the mornings. 
You have woken up to a new day! You are still alive on this beautiful planet! We need to rejoice, send good vibrations out into the universe so that you can attract more wonderful things to be grateful for through out your day! 😄
I often say to people, that the minute your feet hit the ground in the mornings take a deep breath, smile and think of all the things you are grateful for. Start out by at least naming ten things you are grateful for. Your day will go smoother, you will feel lighter and you will be making space for more to enter your life. Follow your breath when thinking of the things you are grateful for, breathing in think of the item or person you are grateful for, breathing out say thank you. Really feel the gratitude, project that gratitude outwards into the world and take note on how that makes you feel. When I do this I instantly feel happy! I can’t keep the smile from spreading on my face! I love how the gratitude makes me feel. 

We all need grounding, most of us are always in our head thinking too much. When we practice gratitude we manifest more things to be grateful for, if we are so busy in our heads and we aren’t grounded then we wont be able to enjoy the things that the universe gives us. So, I like to ground myself after any kind of self growth practice. After you have listed your ten things your are most grateful for, after you’ve felt it and projected it then you need to ground it. You can easily ground yourself by using your five senses. 
Look around and list 5 things you see.
                                4 things you feel
                                3 things you hear
                                2 things you smell
                                1 thing you taste
This is a very simple and doable exercise. It immediately brings you back to the moment and grounds you. Make this exercise even more powerful by following your breath while acknowledging each sense.   
Let us remember that above all we are worthy of what makes us happy. We do deserve to have beauty in our lives. Let us all be more grateful, more gentle and more loving towards ourselves and others.
Lets all be happy together!
I hope you find these practices as enjoyable as I do.
Until next time