Let’s Be Honest.

Find your truth.

I have been doing a  lot of soul searching over the past few months and recently I fell into a bit of a slump. Today I finally got back to work, back to my office and back to my shrine to recharge and put myself together again. Tomorrow I’m starting a brand new yoga challenge and I’m looking forward to expanding my personal practice. 
Over the last few months, I have become a Reiki practitioner and crystal healer, I opened my practice and have been spreading loving energy out to the world everyday. I have met new people and built new friendships. I have been practicing yoga for almost 9 months now and am planning to study it further to become an instructor and teacher. I have grown so much and I am so grateful. 
In this time spent with myself and my practices I have found my truth and that is what I would like to write about today. I believe in the unity of all humanity and that we need to work together to save this beautiful planet we live on called Earth. Earth is my mother and I am an Earth Warrior. That is my truth. 💓🌻🌲
I encourage you to sit in silence everyday with the intention of finding your truth, who you really are will come to light and you will be that much closer to being enlightened. Meditation is the best way to be with yourself and get to know yourself. Go home to yourself everyday, offer yourself love and kindness, be compassionate towards your thoughts and feelings, BREATH, know that YOU ARE ENOUGH! With these practices you will become more aware of yourself, your thoughts and intentions- your truth will speak to you and then you can start growing and take action! 

Know the truth and speak the truth. 

Let us all be honest with ourselves and the people surrounding us. 
Too many lies are told, too many lies are depicted in our lives every day. The media lies, the people governing us lie, our parents lie and therefore we lie. 
The time to speak the truth is now, let us dig deep and explore our truth. We were born to live freely, openly and truthfully. As humanity we are capable of so much! We just need to be open and awakened to the truth. 
Our truths may not all sound the same but they are based in the same thing, which is love and compassion. We are all different, some of us may be healers, earth warriors, fixers, protectors, parents or leaders but we must understand that our truths are made from love and that we must speak this truth with love in our hearts, we must do what we do best with love in our hearts.  

Practice your truth. 

Once you know your truth and you have started to spread it, you must never stop practicing it. The more you practice your truth the more you will find. You are getting to know yourself, your true self and that is beautiful. 
You are made up of past life and generational experiences, find the truth laced in all of it. You will find it in every action and thought. It has been trying to tell you for years and years, now you have heard your truth- find the rest of it, explore it and have fun with it! 

Never forget to keep spreading it! 


Help people to find themselves, find their truths and hopefully we can begin to create a world full of open, honest and loving people.