You Create Your Own Happiness

Be Positive.

Positive thinking can change your entire life!

Change your mind.

This is the first step. All you need to do is change your mind.  Instead of only seeing the ugly, choose to see the beauty. When you start training your mind to see only the positive in a situation then you’re leaving space in your life for improvement.  Seeing only positivity will become a habit. Changing your mind is a very powerful step.

Be Grateful

Being grateful is the second step.  You won’t be able to receive more of the good stuff if you are not grateful for the good stuff currently in your life.  List everything you are grateful for and every day go back to the list and add to it. There isn’t a certain amount that you need to be grateful for, as long as your grateful every day. Whatever comes to mind is the right thing to put on the list. The practice of gratitude is another powerful way to guarantee good positive experiences.

Be Compassionate

Start compassion with yourself, for how can you be compassionate towards others if you are not compassionate towards yourself?

Be understanding of your fears and pain. You need to be there for yourself and take care of your pain and suffering. It is okay to feel these feelings but you need to understand that it is better if you let it go so that you may live a happier healthier life.  Everyday work on letting go- Sit down in a quiet space and start breathing deeply, bring your awareness to the breath, set your intention to let go of old hurts and whatever comes to mind first is the first issue you need to take care of. Offer yourself support, say- I see you, I am here for you. I am open to healing you.’ Then as best as you can, let it go. If this problem keeps persisting then just keep letting it go.  Self-healing can take a while if you have been neglecting yourself. Just know that you have started a beautiful journey, a journey of love and compassion.

Once you have started practicing compassion on yourself it will be easier to see other situations with a compassionate heart. Offer other people your compassion and that will cause a wonderful ripple effect of love entering your life.

Creating your happiness

Now comes the fun part. You need to sit down and really think about what brings a smile to your face and makes your heart happy.

What do you want to manifest in your life?

What will bring you better health?

What will inspire you?

When you have the answers to those questions then you can really start building your dream life.

If you aren’t sure what the answers to those questions are, you will still be able to build your dream life, it will just take a bit longer. As you practice and grow, the answers will show themselves to you. Be patient and always understanding of yourself.


If you don’t have an exact picture of your happiness then concentrate on the intention of happiness, the picture should start to form itself in meditation. Remember, there are no wrong answers. Whatever comes up for you is what’s right for you. Don’t judge it. Never judge.

Breathe on your happiness,  let it spread through you. Let the happiness warm you like the sun seeping into your skin.

This meditation can be as long as you like.  There are no limits to how much time you should spend on getting to know yourself. These moments are precious, whether it’s 10 minutes or 3 hours. Enjoy this time you are spending with yourself.

Receive your happiness

Once you start practising you will notice small things start to change in your life, this is happiness entering your life. Be open to it, receive the frequencies that the universe is sending you. Let your dream life manifest and most importantly, be grateful for it!

Happy Manifesting my friends!

Keep up the good work and keep on loving the beautiful soul that you are!




I Am You and You Are Me.


For the world to be a more peaceful place, for the earth to heal and for our hearts to swell with happiness we need to see and understand that we are all one.
I am the tree.
I am the clouds in the sky.
I am the rock.
I am the bug that lives under the rock.
I am the earth.
I am the universe.
And so are you!

When I first learnt that we are all connected and that we are all one, it really helped me deal with my anxiety and anger. If I found myself being mistrusting or upset over something that someone did, I reminded myself that I am that person and it made it so much easier to forgive and forget. Now I let go of all the negative emotions much faster than in the past. I like to think that my health has improved too. I’m having fewer breakdowns and less anxiety.
Let us all strive to remember that if we cause someone else suffering, then we are causing ourselves suffering too.
Something else that this has helped me with is loneliness, if I am the tree then so is the person that I am missing or needing. I walk past the tree when I am in need, I smile at the tree or say hello. If I need a hug then I know that the tree is there to give me the love of the person I need in that moment. This practice also teaches kindness and compassion.
You are the homeless person,
You are the stray dog,
You are the burning forest,
Send love and compassion to those parts of you and on a high vibration level they will feel it and benefit from it.

So if you are ever feeling sad and alone, go outside and speak to the nature around you. The world will respond to your kind words and it will send you love, you just need to be open to receiving it.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Keep an ear open for my greetings in the wind, or my wave in the form of a flower swaying from side to side.