I Am You and You Are Me.


For the world to be a more peaceful place, for the earth to heal and for our hearts to swell with happiness we need to see and understand that we are all one.
I am the tree.
I am the clouds in the sky.
I am the rock.
I am the bug that lives under the rock.
I am the earth.
I am the universe.
And so are you!

When I first learnt that we are all connected and that we are all one, it really helped me deal with my anxiety and anger. If I found myself being mistrusting or upset over something that someone did, I reminded myself that I am that person and it made it so much easier to forgive and forget. Now I let go of all the negative emotions much faster than in the past. I like to think that my health has improved too. I’m having fewer breakdowns and less anxiety.
Let us all strive to remember that if we cause someone else suffering, then we are causing ourselves suffering too.
Something else that this has helped me with is loneliness, if I am the tree then so is the person that I am missing or needing. I walk past the tree when I am in need, I smile at the tree or say hello. If I need a hug then I know that the tree is there to give me the love of the person I need in that moment. This practice also teaches kindness and compassion.
You are the homeless person,
You are the stray dog,
You are the burning forest,
Send love and compassion to those parts of you and on a high vibration level they will feel it and benefit from it.

So if you are ever feeling sad and alone, go outside and speak to the nature around you. The world will respond to your kind words and it will send you love, you just need to be open to receiving it.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Keep an ear open for my greetings in the wind, or my wave in the form of a flower swaying from side to side.