Dealing with fear.

Don’t let it rule you. 

I have been challenged by fear these past few days, not only personally but for others round me too. Stories of other peoples fears have emerged and it really bothered me. By hearing of others stress and anxiety it made me sit up and take control of my own fears. I have OCD and Chronic Fatigue, having these two bothersome parts of me really does encourage the ego to take a hold of me and fuel the irrational thoughts in my mind. 
I was recently triggered and have had to deal with my fears taking over my mind. Last night after spending time with some family and listening to their worries, and brainstorming ways of dealing with them and possible causes did I come to the realization that this fear isn’t mine. It is past life nonsense that was triggered in this life time. I went even further and realized that it wasn’t only past life but ancestral past life. You see as humans we carry the genes of our ancestors, we are connected to our ancestors even if they have left this realm we still hold their genes and in these genes are all of their traumas. So if you have a problem with heights, it doesn’t necessarily mean that its your problem. When you come to this realization it makes it a lot easier to make peace with whatever is bothering you and move on.  
The tricky part is differentiating what belongs to your current karma, what is past life and what is generational. We can delve further into this topic in a later post. I just want to give you a different perspective. 
So, the fear I had been struggling with turned out to not only be ancestral but it was also connected to a past life of one of my ancestors from this life. It sounds complicated I know, but all you have to know is that once you can see your problems in this way the rest is a breeze. Once I had come to this realization, I could separate myself from my fears and forgive wholeheartedly the wrong that was committed so very long ago. Every time the thought would surface I would forgive and let go, I am very happy to say that I feel much better and lighter. I am so happy to know that I have dealt with harmful karma in a peaceful way. 

Never be afraid to let go of what is not serving you. We are here on earth to live full, peaceful and happy lives. We are here to bring peace to ourselves, to our fellow humans and our dear Mother Earth. If we just give in to our fears, our anger and our ego, we will struggle to do what we came here to do. By allowing our own suffering, how will we ever be able to help ease the suffering of others?

Remember how powerful our thoughts are, what we are thinking we are bringing into this world. Think of what kind of impact that will have on our great Mother… Think of the impact it will have on your fellow human and what impact it will have on your self. You have the power to change that thought, you can be different and peaceful. You don’t have to conform, you can love and forgive and be who you were meant to be. By taking control of your thoughts and taking care of your Karma, you won’t leave any baggage for the future generation in your family. They won’t have those worry genes, they won’t have to forgive your past mistakes and they can live in peace too. The next time you get angry or you let your thoughts control you, just stop and think of your future grandchildren or great grandchildren, they are our future. Do you want the toxicity you are feeling within yourself to be passed down to them? Do you want them to have to deal with your issues or do you want to take care of your Karma, your issues and your suffering now? Then they never have to worry about it. 
It’s time to let go and just live for ourselves in the now! By being mindful and living in complete peace we can create a much better future. Let go of that control and go with the flow of the Universe. Dance under the light of the moon, meditate with the Mother, love the temple that is your body and be grateful for all you have in this glorious world. 
Know that your Soul loves you and you must love it back. 
Next time you meditate, think about your ancestors. Thank them for everything they passed on to you and realize that if it wasn’t for their lessons that you carry inside of yourself, you wouldn’t be able to work on yourself so that you can give your future generations less to worry about. 
Be kind to yourself and others. 
I’m sending love and light to everyone that needs it and I’ll chat to you all soon with the next post. 
Peace and Love
Cat Lee. 

Everyday Mindfulness

Be Mindful with the Earth.

Mindfulness will always be the first step to a more fulfilling life. So lets start being mindful towards our great Mother. 🌍
She is the reason we are all alive and she continues to live and thrive for us. We are treating her cruelly and if we don’t change our ways, death will be the price she will pay for loving us so wholeheartedly. Mother Earth is crying out, to protect herself she will have to destroy us all. I would rather her destroy us than us destroy her. 
So let us all make an extra effort to pour our love back into her. Let us walk with her, talk to her and tell her how much we appreciate her, just as you would with your beloved mom on mothers day or her birthday.
Mother Earth appreciates our kindness and we can heal ourselves with her special vibrations. Just by walking on the earth barefoot you are taking in her life force energy, then with thanks give her your life force energy. It’s all about give and take. She heals you and you in turn heal her. 
If you see a plant struggling to live, perhaps the sun is too hot or there hasn’t been rain in a long time, go to that plant and offer it your loving energy. You will help that plant more than you can ever know, and it will thank you by always remembering your goodness. Every act of kindness you show towards the earth makes a life changing difference. 

I love these words by Tich Nhat Hanh, “Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet.”
When in walking meditation, make it your intention to love the earth. Kiss the earth with your feet, breathing in you have arrived, breathing out you kiss the earth. Each step you take will feel lighter and coming out of that meditation you will know that you have made a real difference in your life and in the earths.

One should sit with the flowers, bum on earth, feet in the sand and meditate. Ask the flowers if they would like to join you in meditation, you should feel them answer. Sit with them in a Loving Kindness meditation and together with the flowers you can send love and kindness to the whole world. I find this to be a very powerful practice and its one of my favorites. You are not only connecting with the earth but the people living here with you. We are all connected, we are all one, we need to start loving more and then peace should follow. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts for today. 
Until next time, 
Peace and Love
Cat Lee. 


Positive Practice.

I know it’s been a while and I’ve really felt this as a stressful time but I have achieved so much, I can’t help but be proud. I don’t even remember the last time I blogged, I haven’t felt the freeing flow of inspiration in a while. I decided that instead of pushing myself, I would just relax and be. 
The most important thing I learnt in this time is that we must not judge our thoughts or feelings and by acknowledging this I started to feel much better. I won’t pretend I’m back to myself yet, but I am on my way there. Today was another hard day and I do realize that I must take complete and full responsibility for it, I must take care of my karma because my thoughts and actions do have consequences. My fear and irrational thoughts have been drowning me this past week, today after another panic attack I realized the danger of my actions. I was creating karma that needed to be taken care of, I was judging my thoughts and feelings. I was entertaining bad self talk, I haven’t fallen this far in a very long time, not since I started practicing Buddhism. This realization shocked me. I let my ego take control because I felt too physically tired to fix any of my problems. Today I took a stand and delved deep into myself to better understand where all of these old wounds were coming back from. What is the real problem, where does it stem from because in order to heal and get better one can’t just put a plaster over these feelings. I needed to find what I need to make peace with in order to let go of these irrational fears. I managed to unfurl some issues and I feel much lighter now that I have let them go with love.
Buddhism has changed my life in so many ways, it keeps teaching me new lessons and it is always there to lend a different perspective. 
Yoga has taught me to trust in my body and what it is capable of, if you mindfully trust your body the universe will aid you in your practice. Listen to your body, listen to the energy and go with the flow. If you are attempting a position like Crow Pose and as you lean forward you feel resistance then trust in your body, it could be telling you that your feet are too far apart or that your knees aren’t in the right place. By listening to your body and the energy around it you could save yourself from falling. 
Reiki has provided me with many tools to help myself and others. When I feel distressed I know that I can help lessen the pain and anxiety with a calm self healing treatment. If someone around me accidentally hurts themselves I have the knowledge on how to help that person feel less pain. 
Meditation has introduced me to myself, I have gained wonderful insight into who I am, mind, body and soul. I sit in meditation everyday, more than once a day and if somehow I don’t meditate I feel uneasy. I always make time for my daily practices. 
When I practice I am making time to love myself, this is something everyone should do. 

I didn’t change, I just woke up. 

I am more myself now than I have ever been but I haven’t changed. All that happened is that I’ve become comfortable with myself, I started loving the person I am and I realized how much I have to offer the world. I woke up to the possibilities that I am. I have the universe in me, just as everyone else does too. People come to realize this at different times. You who is reading this right now, you have the whole universe inside of you. You are everything and that is beautiful. You are Epic, Complete and Full of Love! Please, when you come to terms with how large you are, remember this, these emotions you are feeling now are telling you a story. Remember the time when you started thinking of other possibilities, whether it be now reading these words or if it was years ago when your reality became clear, remember how far you have come and be proud of yourself. 

As long as you are open to listening, your soul will speak to you, there is so much you can learn from yourself. So to conclude, please remember to be kind to yourself and others.

Peace and Love
Cat Lee.

Think About What You Want To Bring About.

The Law Of Attraction.

The law of attraction is always working, the Universe listens to your frequency and helps make your dreams come true. 
I have always been sure of something big working with me, listening to me and helping me find my way to true happiness. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been visualizing, receiving and practicing gratitude.
The main thing is to realize that we are all energy and we function on very fine frequencies. The universe understands and reacts to those frequencies, therefore it is very important to monitor ourselves to fully understand how our heads work. When we understand our thoughts and actions we can see clearly what we are putting out to the universe every second of the day. Our thoughts can be dangerous and can bring out the worst in you and the people around you. When you are affected by negative outside forces that means that your frequency isn’t correlating with what you truly want and need which is happiness and truth. If you are always feeling down or angry, if you constantly think negatively or practice bad self talk, that is all the people around you will see and they will respond to that. The Universe will also respond by giving you more of it because the Universe doesn’t understand that you don’t want it, all it has to go by is that you are constantly in that negative place therefore you must want more of it. The universe is helping to make sure you never run out of what you want and need in your life. You are placing the order and the Universe sends it to you. 
So you need to make clear to yourself and the Universe what it is you actually want, be very optimistic and happy about the choices you make. Most importantly you must be grateful for what you already have. If you aren’t grateful for what you already have how do you expect to receive more of what makes you happy. If you feel yourself slipping back into negativity, just remind yourself that the Universe is listening and rather tune into something positive, like think of something that makes you happy or hug a tree, you can do anything that will put a smile on your face. By doing this you are shifting everything around you into a positive state of being and the Universe will happily give you more of that. You have the power to turn anything negative into a positive situation.
Once you get the basic understanding that we are constantly creating what we are thinking and feeling you can start to have some fun with it. Sit down and make a list, make a list of everything you want. It can be anything, even if you feel silly writing something that you think isn’t possible, if you think it can’t happen that just makes it much harder to get there. So put your ego aside and write down your dreams. Write them in the present tense like it’s already happened and be grateful for it. 
I am so grateful for the rain that has nourished my garden. (even though currently we are suffering with lack of rain, that doesn’t mean I can’t be grateful for the bits of rain that we do get. My being grateful will only help the Universe manifest more rain for us.) 
I am so grateful for my new camera. (I need a new camera to capture precious moments I experience on this planet.) 
Your dreams can also be focused on personal growth.
I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to attend a Buddhist retreat. 
So you get the idea, it can be anything from materialistic to holistic. The choice is yours, you know what you need, go ahead and be excited about receiving it! 

The next thing to do is to create some goals, Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term goals. It is up to you and your lifestyle to decide the time frame of each. For me Short term is 1 – 6 months, Medium term would be 6 months- 1 year and Long term would be 1 year – 5 years.
Think about where you would like to be and what you would be doing in those time frames. If you find it hard to be specific then just narrow down what emotion you would be feeling in those times. After you have written down your goals, you can start visualizing. See your goal in your mind, feel the emotions you would want to feel and believe in your heart that it is on it’s way to you. You can even try meditating on it, get yourself a positive affirmation that coincides with your goal and when in meditation say the affirmation to yourself while visualizing your goal happening. This is a very powerful exercise and it will leave you feeling fulfilled.

Just go for it and you will find out that it is very possible to have everything you have ever wanted. Believe and it will be.

If we all realize that we don’t need to conform, we don’t need to be crippled and controlled, then we can truly live good and peaceful lives.

Peace and Love
Cat Lee.

Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling and the Healing it encourages. 

Oil pulling has been around for many centuries, this simple health technique offers many different benefits.
Oil pulling isn’t complicated in any way, all you do is in the morning before you do anything, before you eat or brush your teeth, take a tablespoon of your choice of oil (I use Olive Oil.) and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes. The liquid in your mouth will increase in volume as you swish and this is because of all the saliva and toxins its pulling from your mouth and head. You must keep the oil moving constantly, you must keep swishing and try moving your jaws up and down a few times like you’re chewing the oil. You must NOT drink any of the liquid because then you would just be ingesting all the gross toxins you have been swishing to get rid of. After 20 minutes spit the liquid in the toilet and flush all those toxins away, then proceed to rinse your mouth with salt water and brush your teeth as normal. 
Oil Pulling is known to help with many things like hangovers, severe headaches, sinus problems, cavities in your teeth and yellow teeth, the oil kills bacteria in the mouth. Some people have lost weight doing this, because of all the detoxing. If you decide to Oil Pull, it is very important to do it everyday. By doing it everyday, you should see a difference within 2 weeks. Your teeth will be whiter and emotionally you will feel uplifted. 
My personal experience with it hasn’t been bad, the oil is a little gross and it takes getting used to but the healing makes it worth it. I can’t manage to do the full 20 minutes but I’m working towards it. My first session I only lasted 3 minutes with it in my mouth. I found the oil overwhelming but it will get better and easier to keep it up for longer. 
The thing to remember is that it’s okay to start small, one tablespoon for three minutes is good enough. Just as long as you do start. The benefits are too great to ignore. 
Let me know if any of you start Oil Pulling and how it’s going for you. I will keep updates coming and hopefully 3 minutes will turn into 10! 
Hope this blog post finds everyone happy and healthy! 
Peace and Love
Cat Lee.