Fictional Talk


I don't know about you but poetry is something that really helps me heal through tough situations.

When I feel down or anxious, I like to put it down in poetry. It gives me a bit of an insight into my anxiety and allows me to better heal.  You don't have to be good at poetry, I believe you can just feel poetry and if the words make sense to you then it doesn't really matter if you are good or bad at it.

Writing is a journey and even though there is always room for improvement, it is your journey, your world, your words... it should be for you! Don't over think writing, just feel it.

That's my thought of the day. 😉

potter funny


I write, I have always written. When I was 15 I made the dession to make writing my life. I will breathe writing...

Writing has been my dream and reading has been my inspirtation. I have lived many lives through the books I have read. I have many friends and I have learnt a huge amount from those friends. When I feel alone I pick up a book to read, and when I feel lost I find myself in my writing. The worlds I weave and the characters I create will always be there for me.  If I have to pick the perfect life for myself, the perfect enviroment for me to spend my days in... it would be a place where I am surrounded by books, paper and pens.

For me, there is no greater joy than openeing a book and being greeted by the words written on the pages.  That is my safe haven.


This is where I will be posting more about my writing and reading journeys. I am a huge fangirl and I love living in fantasy worlds. 

"I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter's son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter--"
"But this is touching, Severus," said Dumbledore seriously. "Have you grown to care for the boy, after all?"
"For him?" shouted Snape. "Expecto Patronum!"
From the tip of his wand burst the silver doe: She landed on the office floor, bounded once across the office, and soared out of the window. Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears.
"After all this time?"
"Always," said Snape."
— J.K. Rowling